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Bluetooth Headset

AIWA ARC 1 bluetooth headset. NEW, still in box.

About this item
BLUETOOTH WIRELESS HEADPHONES WITH INCREDIBLE SOUND - The Arc-1 headphones combine 40mm, dynamic, biocellulose drivers with 24-bit DSP, and Bluetooth aptX codecs. Crystal clear, distortion-free, tone rich sound from the deepest bass to the highest treble. What this means in plain English is that the Arc-1 has the richest, clearest sound of any headphone in its class.
LIGHTWEIGHT OVER EAR HEADPHONES - At just 8 ounces, the Arc-1 bluetooth headphones are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. The replaceable leather ear pads create effective passive noise cancellation.
Q-CONNECT TECHNOLOGY - Seamlessly connect to TWO bluetooth source devices of YOUR choice. Link with another set of any brand of Bluetooth headphones and share music with a friend, or answer your cell with the integrated microphone while watching a movie on your tablet.
20-HOUR BATTERY LIFE - With 20 hours of music and 800 hours of standby time, you’ll wear out before the Arc-1 will. Fast-charging - just 15 minutes charging gets you a full 3 hours of playback!
PREMIUM ACCESSORIES - The Arc-1 headphones are truly the best over-ear wireless headphones in their class, and the accessories are no exception. Includes a rugged travel case and ultra-durable braided anodized aluminum shielded 3.5mm aux audio and USB charging cables. $75/$130 Retail. Contact Rick at 4803324424

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